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Coaching Conversations takes place on the 2nd Friday of every month at Genuine Joe’s Coffee Shop. It is a networking event for coaches and non-coaches alike. Come and find out what it’s like to be an ICF coach and enjoy some scintillating conversation.

  • March 13, 2019 1:08 PM | Deanna Couras Goodson

    The March installment of our Coaching Conversations event got underway around noon on the 8th. Coaching Conversations takes place on the second Friday of every month at Genuine Joe’s on West Anderson Lane in Austin. As usual we had a small but mighty group in attendance. People came ready to connect and reflect on their coaching practices.

    Deanna Goodson, our Director-At-Large, and Dr. Ryan Schoenbeck, ICF Greater Austin Charter Chapter President, were in attendance. Ryan led us in the vision and mission statements of both ICF global and local. The festivities got underway with Deanna asking people what they were looking to discuss. The crowd was evenly split between lead generation, business building and global coaching.

    Ryan decided we’d do our best to hit all three topics in the time allotted and kept us on track. Terry Kahler mentioned how writing articles has helped him with lead generation and improving his business. His article on The Promotion Waiting Game has him listed in the first page of Google for searches. Terry discussed a little bit about article writing specifics like having a minimum of 700 words for Google Search. Deanna, a former SEO specialist, chimed in about the format of an article such as bullet points, white space and keyword planner usage, Google Analytics and so forth.

    Siri Scull, a health and wellness coach had some great questions about lead generation and how to connect with people in her industry. She brought to our attention an event she is co-leading regarding Jaw Health and even passed around her flyer. We encourage anyone with special events to bring their information to Coaching Conversations or to contact our Communications Director, Laura DiTomasso to get on the calendar of events listing.

    Terry and Ryan led the discussion on using tools to automate your websites and processes such as scheduling software from Calendly and Accuity. We all agreed that It’s very important for coaches at all levels to automate as much as possible. Ryan told us all about his love of WordPress plugins. His site is amazing. Feel free to check it out at if you want an example of what to do with your site. Deanna and Terry also weighed in on how great WordPress can be for coaches. Siri did her site in Wix and said that she would consider changing at some point.

    As for coaching globally, everyone felt that it was much easier to do with automation and tools. Zoom is fantastic for people to work one on one or in groups over long distances. You can purchase  professional plan for $16.23 per month and it will allow you to have three or more attendees for an hour or longer at a time. If you do solely one on one coaching, you can utilize the free plan for unlimited meetings.

    Amanda DeWoody asked some really great questions about how to get new clients. She’s going to be shifting her practice this year and wanted some tips. Manuela Junquiera, who is currently pursuing her certification at IPEC, shared her unique perspective on global coaching and realized that her ties to Brazil can only open up her practice. We truly are a global community at ICF Austin, aren’t we? We also discussed some personal experiences folks had globally. Terry was instrumental in that as well as Manuela.

    We had some promises of future attendance at Coaching Conversations as we wrapped up the day. Hopefully, folks will continue to grace us with their presence. We invite you to join us in April or whenever the mood strikes. Feel free to register for the next Coaching Conversations event at: We look forward to chatting with you.

  • February 11, 2019 10:36 AM | Deanna Couras Goodson

    On Friday, February 8th, 2019, we held our second Coaching Conversations event of 2019 at Genuine Joe’s Coffee House. President Ryan J. Schoenbeck, Ph.D, PCC and Director At Large Deanna Goodson, who is in charge of the Conversations program, were there to co-facilitate a conversation focused on what people love about coaching.

    It was a great event. We had eight in attendance with some individuals who are interested in becoming coaches themselves as well as some new members to ICF Austin. The conversation went very well. Ryan got us started off with the vision and mission of both ICF Austin and ICF Global. We then went around the room and asked people to introduce themselves. Everyone was very open and gracious. We learned that people were at different stages in their careers. Some Stan Tyler have been coaching for years and have fantastic experiences to share. Others, like Manuela Junquiera and Rachel Fortuna are either contemplating becoming coaches or beginning their educations to do coaching full-time.

    It’s exciting to see people at all stages in their careers. It makes the conversations more interesting. We get different perspectives. When people talked about what they loved most about coaching, there were so many answers. Deanna said that she enjoyed creating a sacred space for people where they can talk about their issues. Susan Warner, who is relatively new to the Austin area and seeking community with other coaches, mentioned that she loves just listening to her clients and providing them with the opportunity to be heard.

    Ryan talked about how he loves to get to the A-ha moment. Cindie Brooks asked him if he had a particular example. Ryan’s illustration reminded us how asking clients who claim they are stuck can look for an instance of when they were successful followed by a way in which they could apply the same skillset to their current problem can often lead to that A-ha moment he was talking about. Cindee herself discussed how she works with special needs populations. She and Stan connected over a family member he has and how wonderful it is to be open to the possibilities.

    Many agreed that coaching is unique in that we do offer the opportunity to be heard to our clients. Hans Armknecht mentioned that he loves working with relationships and talked about how even in business, relationships are what make or break us. Stan talked a little about how your niche finds you and it was interesting because later on Manuela expressed that she was having difficulty finding her niche and we reminded her of what Stan had said and also helped her determine that she might not need to know yet.

    Rachel asked a great question about our first coaching clients. Many of us talked about not feeling adequate to the task and how we had to check our own assumptions about what coaches do. Hans admitted that he felt like he didn’t deserve the money he received from his first client and that his client saw things very differently. The truth we all realized was that by giving people a safe haven to express themselves, we are doing them a great service.

    The event itself was very successful in that each coach or people interested in becoming a coach got to share and made great contributions to the conversation. We had an attendee who asked about board involvement and another ask to become an ICF Austin member. Coaching conversations is a great introduction to what the ICF Greater Austin Charter Chapter has to offer and we’re grateful to our attendees. We’re looking forward to a fantastic March event and are so pleased that 2019 is off to a great start.

  • January 25, 2019 11:03 AM | Deanna Couras Goodson

    On Friday, January 11th, 2019, we held our first Coaching Conversations event at Genuine Joe’s Coffee Shop on West Anderson in North Central Austin. We had a small but mighty group of seven including Deanna Couras Goodson, our Director at Large, and Elly Van Laar, our Membership Coordinator. Deanna and Elly led the group in a guided discussion about goals for 2019.

    What were people’s goals?

    Everyone had unique and interested goals. They ran the gamut from getting paying clients to wondering if ICF certification is right for me and connecting to other coaches. Everyone wanted to move their business forward in 2019 but wasn’t quite sure what steps to take. As a group, we did some brainstorming. We had a great discussion on the goals. We loved that Elly wanted to learn more how to say NO to things so she can say YES to herself and other opportunities. There’s great power in a NO. We would all do well to remember that.

    Digressions but not really

    We had a few digressions. One of our major digressions was into the discussion of therapy vs. coaching. One participant mentioned that David Burns, the father of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) says that most therapy is basically bubkus. We couldn’t confirm or deny that statement, but we enjoyed discussing the difference between therapy and coaching.

    We picked up two main distinctions. First, most therapists work in the past more than the present or the future. Coaches try to take their clients into a place of action and change. We want to create a better life for our clients. This isn’t to say that therapists don’t, but the therapy model is set up very differently from the coaching model. This leads us to the second digression. That is that therapy is set up so that the client will need to continue going to the therapist for years on end. Coaches prepare their clients for the day that they are no longer needed. We give our clients roots and wings sort of like parents do their children. Perhaps that means we may have more turn around in our client base, but we will get to impact more people as a result.

    The Emotional Male

    One of our participants works with men and how he helps them find their emotional side. We discussed a bit about how society conditions young men to hide their emotional selves and many feel uncomfortable with expressing certain emotions as they get older. The resource, “The Mask You Live In” was mentioned and some participants said that they had seen the film. It’s about growing up male in the west with all the trials and tribulations that go along with it.


    One member mentioned that everyone has super powers so Deanna asked everyone to say what their superpower was. Some mentioned resiliency, compassion, empathy, the eternal search for meaning and so forth. Everyone was able to access a super power and Elly moved the conversation to how that super power shows up in your business or coaching practice. This lead to some interesting discussion.

    Bringing it all home to Goals

    We decided to wrap up by discussing some action steps we’d take to achieve our goals in 2019. Some of us narrowed down our goals, some broadened them. Most of us just listened while others provided suggestions and information on how each one of us could move forward.

    January’s Coaching Conversations was a success! Everyone contributed and felt engaged. It was a wonderful conversation with a great group of people. We hope that this program will continue to expand in 2019. For more questions on Coaching Conversations, please contact Deanna Goodson. The next event is set for February 8, 2019 from 12-1:30 pm at Genuine Joe’s. To sign up, visit our events page.  

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