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ACMP and ICF Partner Together

ACMP Texas and ICF Greater Austin and ICF San Antonio chapters are excited to announce our new partnership!

This partnership is the result of the partnership established within the last year between ACMP Global and ICF Global. The synergies between our organizations stem from the work that we all do to support sustainable change in people and organizations. 

Who We Are as Membership Associations

The Texas Chapter of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) is a not for profit professional organization for Organization Change Management (OCM) Professionals residing in Texas. We are dedicated to advancing the career growth of individuals and the effectiveness of organizations by advancing the discipline and practice of change management through professional development and networking opportunities. ACMP Texas is a vibrant network of engaged professionals committed to knowledge sharing and advancing the discipline of organizational change management.

ICF Greater Austin and San Antonio Texas Chapters are leading chapters of the International Coach Federation that work to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals. In addition, preserve the coaching profession's integrity by adhering to the ICF Code of Ethics and advance the discipline of professional coaching. We work with our community of coaches to network, share knowledge, and best practices by raising the awareness of the profession in coaching to unlock the potential in people.

The Synergy

There are many Organizational Change Management (OCM) professionals and Professional Coaches that are hired to support people and process change, it is often that our clients and leaders going through change benefit from both Coaching and effective Organizational Change Management professionals. 

Our partnership will increase the effectiveness to support our clients, support both professional associations to grow stronger in our skills and impact on organizations and people as learn of each association’s disciplines. 

The Partners' goals that are aligned with ACMP and ICF Global for this Agreement are:

  • Bring the members of ICF Greater Austin and San Antonio Texas Chapters and ACMP Texas together for the mutual goal of creating an effective partnership for leading change in organizations 
  • Support each other in positioning themselves as thought leaders in their respective professions,  Organization Change Management and Coaching, in the State of Texas business community 

  • Alignment of ACMP Texas members' understanding of the definition of Coaching and Coach with the ICF's definitions

  • Alignment of the ICF Greater Austin and San Antonio Texas Chapters members' understanding of Organization Change Management and Certified Change Management Professional with the ACMP Global definition

  • Build a strong foundation and create networking opportunities for member collaboration

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