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Chapter events are a gathering place in which members and allied professionals network together, and leaders and innovators provide instruction and guidance on topics, tools, coaching models and trends important today and in the near future for professional coaches and coaches-in-training.

In-person Meetings held at Riverbend Church, 4214 Capital of Texas Hwy N., Austin, TX 78746 on the last Tuesday of the month from 6:00pm-8:30pm Central.

ICF CCEs are available for attending Chapter Meetings. Be sure to register online and check in at the event in order to receive them.

Upcoming events

    • October 30, 2018
    • October 31, 2019
    • Austin, Texas

    Peer Coaching for Credentialing Hours

    This is a benefit offered to ICF Greater Austin Charter Chapter Members and Affiliates only. If you are not a current member or affiliate and would like to participate in this program, please choose to join our chapter.

    We are committed to support our community of coaches on the ICF credential path. One important part of this is to have coaching experience with clients and to document the hours.

    It's a great idea to get in the practice of tracking your coaching client hours and getting started coaching as soon as you start your ICF coach credentialing program.

    You can find the specific guidelines for ACC, PCC, and MCC here:


    We invite you to register here to participate in $1.00, no-fee, and peer coaching to be negotiated between the members who register and choose to coach and those who play the role of potential clients to support you to gain your coaching experience on your path to becoming an ICF ACC, PCC, and MCC coach.

    ICF Greater Austin Charter Chapter and ICF Global will not be held responsible for the quality of coaching or the coach client relationship. By registering you agree to follow the ICF Code of Ethics.

    Registrants who want to be listed will allow other member registrants to see each other's names. A registered link will appear for the event on the event calendar and on the event details. Clicking the link will display the name of each registrant with a link to their profile where you will be able to send a message and directly contact the person to participate in this pilot program. You may want to revisit the event page to see if there are additional participants to choose from as potential coaches or clients.

    You can cancel your registration in the future if you no longer wish to participate.

    Registration for this event will not guarantee you will be selected as a coach. Selection will be determined based on you and the potential client being a match and choosing to create a coaching agreement.

    Thank you for being a valued member and affiliate of our ICF Greater Austin Charter Chapter.

    Your Leadership Team

    • August 27, 2019
    • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Riverbend Church 4214 Capital of Texas Hwy N. Room 5B Austin Texas 78746

    August 27, 2019 Monthly Meeting

    Getting Out of the Alligator Pit–And Moving On
    by Carrie Vanston 

    CCEU Core Competencies: 1.0

    Increase engagement, improve productivity, and drive growth using positive thinking, "win-win" relationships, and shared vision. Come join in as we talk about being an effective leader and equally important, a happy and fulfilled leader that is OUT OF THE PIT and moving on.

    • Consciously frame your point of view to the positive
    • Forget about compromise, focus on finding the other person's win
    • Clarify your “Why” and others will be excited about your “What”


    Riverbend Church
    4214 Capital of Texas Hwy N. Room 5B
    Austin, TX 78746

    (512) 327-3540

    Meeting Agenda

    • 6:00 - 6:30 PM - Event Check-In & Social Time
    • 6:30 - 6:40 PM - Chapter Business
    • 6:40 - 8:30 PM - Guest Presentation & discussion
    • Plenty of free parking!


    Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings. The following fees cover activities and meeting costs:

    • ICF Local (Austin) Members and Affiliates - FREE
    • ICF Global Members, Non-ICF Local Members -$20
    • Guests (Non ICF-Local or Global Members) - $20

    About the Speaker,
    Carrie Vanston

    Carrie Vanston helps CEOs and other business leaders increase their leadership and energy levels so they can reach their goals quicker and with less stress.

    Her popular Energizing Your Leadership Programs help her clients use positive thinking, "win-win" relationships, and shared vision to increase engagement, improve productivity, and drive growth. 

    Carrie is a Certified Professional Executive Coach through the 9-month, top-rated Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching in association with The University of Texas at Austin. She is also a Khorus CEO Performance Software Certified Consultant and an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. She received her Geography degree from The University of Texas at Austin.

    On the personal side, she loves to dance, travel, and spend time with her two children.

    • September 04, 2019
    • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Austin, Texas

    Webinar: create program that sell - the fast track to more clients, income and impact

    You need three things to grow your business: you need to know who your ideal clients are, where they hang out and you must have an irresistible offer. Too often I see entrepreneurs fail to work with their ideal clients because they haven’t put together the right offer.

    So, in this interactive presentation, you’ll learn how to package, name & price your services so that you can raise your rates and the two most common mistakes that solopreneurs make when putting together their programs that costs them $1,000 (and what to do instead).


    • How to package, name & price your services so that you can raise your rates and serve your coaching clients at the highest level.
    • The one question you must answer to ensure your program will provide results and attract your ideal clients in droves (it's not what you think!) 
    • The two most common mistakes coaches make when putting together packages that cost them $1,000's (and what to do instead)
    • The Million Dollar Mindset Shift that Will Allow You to Confidently Raise Your Rates
    • ...and more!

    Why Does THIs Pertain to Me as a Coach:

    • This webinar is all about business building.

    • You will learn how to build stellar packages that cater to your target market's needs. 

    • You will discover what do do AND what not to do when creating packages  that no one else is talking about. 


    Krista Martin, MBA, CPCC, PCC, is the President & Founder of Make Your Mark. As a sought after speaker and business coach, she teaches coaches how to attract clients, make more money, and create a bigger impact.

    She's the founder of the Six Figure Impact Academy and takes a stand for helping her clients build six figure businesses. The reach, impact, and personal transformation that her clients achieve through the process is what makes this level of success so important. 

    Spending more than 12 years in the corporate world, she has extensive business, marketing and sales experience. As a Circle of Excellence Winner, she was recognized as being in the top 6% in the country and exceeded her sales quotas 7+ years in a row. She built and sold her first "side biz" and now enjoys helping her clients build their business so it fits into their lifestyle (instead of the other way around).

    Krista is the former Director of Marketing for the Georgia ICF (International Coach Federation). Her passions include supporting homeless animals and shelters with the goal of helping every pet live in a happy and healthy home.

    To learn more about Krista, please visit: www.kristamartin.com.

    Note: Attendees will earn 1.0 Resource Credits after the event. 

    • September 05, 2019
    • 5
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    Volunteers Needed to Coach Future Leaders

    ICF Austin has teamed up with Mission Capital to provide 5 hours of pro-bono coaching to each participant of their Next Level Leadership Academy program. This is an amazing opportunity for ICF Austin coaches to give back to the future leaders of our community.

    The Next Level Leadership Academy is three days of programming, over two months, for mid-career nonprofit professionals ready to grow their ability to lead social change and better understand their role.


    What do you need? 

    We need 8-10 ICF Austin coaches to provide 5 hours of pro-bono coaching over a 2-3 month time period.

    How does this work?

    The Emerging Leadership Academy will begin classes on September 5th. During that week, you'll be virtually matched with your pro-bono client. You do not need to show up to the event on September 5th. Once you are matched to a client, it will be up to you and the client to schedule and manage the five pro bono hours.

    Working with a pro-bono client is just like working with a traditional client. In addition, after you are matched to a client, ICF Austin does not get involved unless any issues arise. You and your client will establish the date and time for your coaching sessions.

    What are the coaching requirements?

    Volunteer coaches must ICF Global and the Austin ICF Chapter members in good standing and have coached or been in coach training for one year. Coaches must also commit to 5 hours of pro-bono coaching over a two-three month period, to be coordinated by the coach and client.

    What are the next steps?

    Once you register, you'll be contacted by Marcia Rhode, the Director of Community Outreach for ICF Austin with further details and next steps. 

    I have more questions, who can I contact?

    Please email Marcia with your questions. 

    • September 10, 2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • 8303 N. MoPac Expwy, Suite, A201, Austin TX, 78759
    • 9

    Volunteer for Pro-Bono Laser Coaching

    ICF Austin has teamed up with Mission Capital to provide pro-bono laser coaching at their next Emerging Leadership Academy event, Tuesday, September 10.  

    Participant Profile:

    The Emerging Leadership Academy is a dynamic program for the next generation of nonprofit leaders in Central Texas. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of their leadership capacity, advance their ability to lead in the nonprofit sector and strengthen their network of nonprofit peers.  

    Your Commitment:

    This is a pro-bono laser coaching commitment. The estimated number of participants is 12 to 15. Each coach can expect to coach 2-3 students for 20-30 minutes each, depending on how many students request coaching. The number of coaches will be based on demand. We will contact qualified coaches in the order of registration.

    As a reminder, volunteers must be ICF Global and Austin ICF chapter member in good standing and coaching or in coach training for a minimum of one year.

    Thank you for your valued time and willingness to be an ICF Greater Austin Charter Chapter Volunteer.

    • September 13, 2019
    • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    • Genuine Joe Coffeehouse, 2001 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX 78757

    Join us for a fun filled hour of networking and deep discussion of all things coaching!

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