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Tracy Winter, PhD, PCC


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Winter, PhD, PCC
I'm an executive and leadership coach who helps people who are brighter than the average bear learn the soft skills they need to be successful in their work and life.

I like to work with interesting and intelligent people who may not fit in their environment and don't know why. Together, we'll figure out the why, learn about alternative styles and ways of being, and start to translate your way of thinking so that others around you also appreciate your brilliant ideas.

I often use TypeCoach or the EQi-2.0 to help both my clients and me understand better where the client's strengths lie and how we can put those to use to bridge the gaps they may feel. I specialize in neurodivergence, particularly giftedness and ADHD; high potential folks; emotional intelligence; and leadership skills.

I also facilitate increased team communication and effectiveness and consult on organizational development projects. It's great fun to watch a team become more cohesive and develop the psychological safety every team needs to optimize their ideating and interactions.

Before I reached the coaching and consulting stage of my journey, I led state government projects, danced in terrible dinner theatre, guided new law clients, and managed a psychiatry practice. In each case, I have been able to adapt to the new context and create a space where both the organization and I could be successful. Regardless of the industry, coaching is coaching, and I'll quickly learn enough to help you or your team.

I bring those disparate experiences to bear on my coaching practice, experiences in all kinds of organizations and with all kinds of people. That combines with my studies of organizational design, systems theory, and gifted adults for the skills to help other people and organizations adapt and grow.

So, here’s some of what I’ve learned:
• Change and growth are hard, but we can help each other with that work.
• Neurodivergent people often have different social-emotional needs that go unnoticed.
• Context-switching is challenging but fun because it forces constant learning.
• People often have the solutions within them; they just need the right questions to find them.

After working with individuals independently for some years, I’m excited to work with organizations to solve big problems and help more people adapt and grow. Let me know if your team could use a gal who asks lots of questions, learns quickly, and will help develop your people. And who can jumprope tap dance.
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