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  • Monthly Meeting: Dreamwork Webinar

Monthly Meeting: Dreamwork Webinar

  • August 25, 2020
  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Zoom


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August Monthly Meeting

Dreamwork Webinar

Approved CCEUs for this event: 1.0 Core Competency

Neuroscience tells us that everybody dreams.  History tells us that dreams have inspired scientific discoveries (Einstein, Bohr), music (McCarthy) and literature (Shelly, Stevenson) to name a few.  Virtually all cultures prior to the modern age valued dreams as part of the human experience; it is only fairly recently that we have confined dreams to the analytic process and convinced ourselves that their meanings are clouded in mystery that can only be deciphered by experts. 

Coaching traditionally deals with what we could call Day School.  We work with the client’s waking experience and help them transform through the radical change that comes from the deep awareness they experience in the coaching process.  Night School, the time that we are asleep, offers us an additional pathway or dimension to the coaching relationship.  In seeing dreams as messages from the soul or the self, we provide the client an opportunity to become aware of the fullness of their experience as a human being. The goal is to integrate what they learn in Night School to what they know from their experience in Day School and vice versa.

As coaching reclaims this experience for our clients we demonstrate how the fundamental tools of active listening and asking powerful questions provide the client with the confidence to access and understand the different elements of dream messages.  That understanding, like any transformative insight is co-created between the coach and the client.  We listen to dreams with the same profound curiosity as we do the needs and values of our clients.  By going on the journey with them into a dream we expand the intimacy and trust that is the cornerstone of the coaching relationship.

We’ll cover some basic ideas about working with dreams in the first half of the webinar and then do a live demonstration with a volunteer so that everyone will have the experience of the power of this work. Please bring a dream ready to share if you're interested in participating as a volunteer. It's extremely beneficial if you write the dream down before attending the webinar. 


The Dreamwork webinar is designed to provide coaches with the confidence to explore a new aspect of the coach/client relationship utilizing core competencies that they already possess.  The Dreamwork webinar addresses three Core Competencies in two different categories. 

  • Working with dreams strengthens the Co-creating of the Relationship by Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client in working with an additional aspect of their experience; dreams. 
  • It also expands Communicating Effectively by utilizing Active Listening and Powerful Questioning to help the client understand the messages in their dreams.
  • By adding the dimension of working with dreams to your coach’s palette, the attendees can add a new dimension to their relationships with their clients and further hone the competencies listed above.


  • 6:30PM–8:00PM


Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings. 

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  • Guests (Non ICF-Local or Global Members) - $20


Will Sharon has been working with dreams since he was a young therapist at the Veterans Administration in Manhattan.  Following 13 years of clinical work Will spent some time studying acting and working on NYC soap operas.  He then embarked on a 25 year corporate career in which he was fortunate to hold several “C” level positions.  Throughout his life he has experienced the cultural definition of success and failure and the many ways that each can disconnect us from the essence of who we really are.  

As a coach, Will developed a process for working with dreams in the context of the fundamental tools of coaching; listening and asking powerful questions.  Instead of interpretation, which extracts meaning and then discards the dream, Will helps the client animate and add dimension to the creation of their imagination. In keeping the dream alive he believes that it will inform the client over time.

By seeing the experience of dreaming as an ordinary experience we can better appreciate the extraordinary experience of being human.

A lifelong New Yorker, Will is now a resident of Santa Fe where he is grateful for the experience of the high desert on his morning walks with his dog Jack.

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