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Conference Committee

Key Responsibilities

Texas Women’s Conference (TWC) - Coaching in Career Pavilion

  • Coordinate with TWC point person on dates and needs
  • Includes recruiting coaching volunteers for event, coordinating the coaching schedule for the day, communicating with coaches
  • Staffing in-take table at conference.
  • Coaching prep form – make copies and provide day of coaching
  • 30 volunteers required coaching day of (minimum. Need waitlist to fill in)

Texas Women’s Conference – Exhibit Table – near Career Pavilion on exhibit floor

  • Recruitment of min 3 people at table all day.
  • Team of 6- 9 to cover table all day.
  • Apply for grant and/or budget table payment
  • Purchase and provide ICF logo’d items and information
  • Set up and take down of table

Who We Serve: as of 2017 - Texas Women’s Conference

Works closest with

President, President-Elect and Communications Director and potentially Community Outreach

Optional/Growth Opportunities

  • Other conferences for ICF Austin
  • Grow this position to supporting ICF Austin education and awareness at other conferences
  • SWSX, Business, and HR professional conferences.

Commentary on Position

This role began as a part of the Community Outreach Committee and grew in 2016 to include another non ICF related conference. The two conferences were close together and overloaded the Outreach team.

Before 2017 ICF was only a coach provider and worked minimally with the conference. At some point in the past we may have “owned” the coaching. We did not own the coaching in 2014, 2015 or 2016. In 2017 we made the TWC coaching ICF only working with the ICF Texas Alliance and Texas chapters to include and recruit ICF certified coaches.

We also included a trade table on the exhibit floor to increase ICF Awareness and education of the Texas population.

With the increased need for coaching and trade tables at the conference and desire to provide coaching at other conferences and trade tables this has become more than the Community Outreach Committee can oversee and utilize the coaching bench for.

Key Challenges in this Position

  • 2018 – Determine what and where we show up and why. Not over burden or over ask our volunteers or take away from Community Outreach volunteers. Verify ICF Credentialed coaches are volunteers.
  • 2017 – Working with the ICF Texas Alliance and getting buy in and opportunity to their chapters. Successfully ICF 100% staffed conference. Need verification of credentials at the local chapter level.
  • 2016 - TWC – working with TWIB and knowing that there are non certified coaches, “coaching” at conference. Ideally ICF Austin would own ALL coaching at TWC like the other states do. In order to “take over” – give backbench would need to grow to over 30 coaches. Goal for 2017.

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