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Community Outreach Director

Connect chapter coaches and resources to local community. Mission is to “give back” in ways that are transformative, raise the visibility of coaching profession and chapter. Activities may include but are not limited to: pro-bono laser and regular coaching with local non-profits and other areas where a need has been determined.

Key Responsibilities

  • Recruiting ICF Members and credentialed coaches.
  • Includes reviewing ICF Community Outreach application, references, and getting to know and understand their coaching business and talents.
  • Record Keeping of Give Back Bench
  • Includes: 1. Who is coaching, credentials, membership status, background, coaching niche and talents, where coaching, when, for which program, and number of hours. 2. Who is being coached from what non-profit, what do they need from a coach, opportunities/challenges, and how many hours coaching received.
  • Matching coaches and participants
  • Coach: Using coach applications and notes I’ve made getting to know them and their niche and gifts.
  • Sending out introductory email to participants, hosting 15-20 min. “What is/isn’t coaching and what you need” interviews via phone.
  • Follow-up and Feedback
  • Thank coaches; gather feedback from coaching from participants and coaches via surveys, etc.
  • Use data to improve ICF Community Outreach Program and give back.

Who We Serve

  • The Greater Austin Community of Non-Profit Organizations
  • 3-year relationship providing pro-bono coaching for the following at Mission Capital.
  • Includes coordinating with Mission Capital, recruiting give backbench, matching coach, client, and follow-up.
  • Mission Capital Staff – Max. 3 people per quarter for 5 pro-bono coaching hours each.
  • Next Level Leadership Academy Participants – 15-20 participants in Spring and Fall of each year. 5 hours pro-bono coaching hours each.
  • Emerging Leader Program Participants - 20-15 participants in Fall and Spring of each year. 30-45min. laser sessions each.
  • Stand Beside Them – Introduced in 2017 – opportunity to give back to national non-profit organization providing coaching to veterans.
  • Researched other national non-profits that other ICF Chapters were serving. Spoke with the founder, Stephanie Richmond about partnering together.
  • Requires no overhead from local ICF Chapter Community Outreach. All applications and matching are done through this organization. Open to only ICF credentialed coaches.
  • For more information and to apply see: https://www.standbesidethem.org/

Optional Growth Opportunities

  • Participate in ICF Foundation Ignite Initiative.
  • Develop and use scientific survey for feedback from coaching.
  • Form functioning committee to help off load chair and allow others growth opportunity.
  • Expand reach both locally and nationally.
  • Reward – gifts, luncheon or other give back bench and their tireless volunteering.
  • Provide laser coaching to more conferences in Austin area.
  • Utilize Mission Capital for ICF Board development, leadership training, and press releases.
  • Work with Mission Capital to provide a Non-Profit 101 workshop to give back bench so we can serve Austin non-profits well.
  • Works closest with: President/President-Elect/Vice-President and Communications Director

Commentary on Position

  • Clean up and development of items for position took a lot of time up front.
  • Researched give back members and membership status. Removed a few non-members from bench gracefully.
  • Developed sound ICF Global process, procedures, and forms for position use.
  • Time for matching and initial understanding of how to match is very time consuming. First year is more time consuming as one learns the method.
  • ICF Austin gives back a LOT of hours from a few people. Concerned about over taxing our bench.
  • Overall very rewarding to give back, match coaches with great clients and see growth of both coach and clients.
  • Opportunity for growth in position and for ICF Austin is rewarding and exciting for this position.

Key Challenges in this Position

  • Time Management of Position – periods of smaller time needed and then periods of more of hours required. Mission Capital Next Leadership Academy the largest time use, followed by conference items.
  • Removal of TWC conference needs will greatly decrease the load in October and November.
  • Assist with Monthly Meeting Set-Up & Clean-Up
  • Assist with Other Board Projects as Available

Apply to Serve on the Board


  • Willingness and ability to complete responsibilities outlined above
  • Must be an ICF Global member and ICF Austin Chapter member in good standing
  • Have a genuine interest in the mission of the organization
  • Time and energy to commit to executing requirements of role

Please make sure you log-in to your ICF Austin account first before you hit the button.

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