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The President-Elect (Vice President) will serve alongside current President as the successor for fulfilling the President’s role in the following year. In this capacity, the President-Elect will acquire the knowledge, skills and requirements needed to serve effectively in the role. Represent the President as requested.


  • Must be an ICF Global member and Chapter member in good standing
  • Have a genuine interest in the mission of the organization
  • Time and energy to commit to executing requirements of role
  • Demonstrated leadership role on the Chapter Board or another organization
  • Ability to maintain effective relationships with the community and other stakeholders
  • Willingness to be mentored/coached by the President

Key Responsibilities

  • Attends chapter events and regional calls with regularity
  • Remains in regular communication with and support of Board Members
  • Ongoing communication with ICF Austin Affiliates, Members and Interested Others
  • Works most closely with the President as requested by President
  • Network and cooperate with other Texas and SE Region leaders on projects
  • Fills in gaps, when possible, to insure smooth flow of the organization
  • Optional/Growth Opportunities
  • Reach out to global members in the community
  • Network with PCC and MCC coaches to encourage engagement and contribution
  • Engage with community members
  • Actively recruit board members, volunteers and committees
  • Choose an area of focus for maximum impact
  • Splits time between:
  • President/Board members/Chapter members/Regional & Global activity

Commentary on Position

When an excellent relationship has existed with the President this will be a smoother transition and can provide rich support

It is important to support the President and other Board Members, especially during board transition

This position can become demanding when there are gaps in support

Knowledge of each board position, event, chapter mechanics and website is imperative for the full functioning of the chapter

Key Challenges in this Position

  • By the time the term as President elect is done the desire to stay engaged is reduced if the term has had turn-over and significant stressors.
  • Due to the inconsistent nature of a volunteer organization, the time required to maintain chapter activity can fluctuate greatly from month to month
  • Assist with Monthly Meeting Set-Up & Clean-Up
  • Assist with Other Board Projects as Available

Apply to Serve on the Board


  • Willingness and ability to complete responsibilities outlined above 
  • Must be an ICF Global member and ICF Austin Chapter member in good standing
  • Have a genuine interest in the mission of the organization
  • Time and energy to commit to executing requirements of role
  • Please make sure you log-in to your ICF Austin account first before you hit the button.
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